ken hayakawa & luma.launisch LIVE

Luma.Launisch and Ken Hayakawa enjoy turning the world upside down. Their live show “INNENWELTKOSMOS” depicts a reality that plays by different rules. Astonishing imagery inspired by Cyrus Teed’s concept of the hollow earth and Franz Werfel’s utopic fantasies pulls the wool over the audience’s eyes, explaining the world the way it is not. A vicious circle of existence – perceiving, docking, absorbing and releasing – illustrated in a multidimensional stage show made of projection and music. Like everything that exists, the most peculiar theories never fully die.

Teed’s vision of a hollow sphere that contains the continents on its inner surface, with a sun rotating in its center becomes the scene for an astro-mental dissolution of Werfel’s utopia.

Premiered as the opening show of the SOUND:FRAME festival 2011 at Vienna’s Ottakringerbrauerei.
Shows in 2011: Moscow – Austria Davaj! at State Museum of Architecture,
Vienna : MAK Museum of Contemporary Art & Waves Festival at Pratersauna
November 2011: Winner ZIT Contentward VISUALS
(ZIT is the technology promotion agency of the City of Vienna)

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