luma.launisch & ken hayakawa LIVE
plus “60 Seconds Somewhere” Showcase

Text : soundframe blog

In the course of the Vienna Design Week 2011 sound:frame was invited to curate parts of the final Live Event (october 7th 2011) of the Festival at Vienna’s MAK. The mindblowing AV installation “60 seconds somewhere” by the Viennese Visual Duo luma.launisch came into it’s own inside the huge main hall of the MAK museum. The smaller side wing became the perfect disco floor afterwards for the great Set by Joja, the multi creative live Show by luma.launisch and Ken Hayakawa such as the sets by George Fitzgerald (Hotsflush) und Quarion (drumpoet community / Retreat). Perfect fitting live visuals were shown by Valence and #wemakevisuals.

The installation ’60 seconds somewhere’ by luma.launisch impressed in an outstanding way. The directors of Vienna Design week Lilli Hollein and Tulga Beyerle wrote a lovely thank-you letter to the Visualists which can stand for its own:

“Dear Astrid, dear Flo,

By making us their travel mates from abandoned Detroit city centre to watching a swimming dog at some riverside Luma Launisch hijack us on a journey that involves our innermost. Large screen projections showing slow-motion details of daily life, urban scenery and leisure scenes make urbanism and nature mingle as do vividness and melancholy, all with an striking eye for the incidental. A great escape!

All the best,
Lilli und Tulga”

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