Aida Opera

AIDA Stage Visuals by Luma.Launisch.
Daniela Kerck – Director:
„The trailer of our AIDA recording is finished. Thanks to the amazing Astrid Steiner for the editing, to Oliver Kunz who did a fantastic grading and of course of the camera team Irmin Kerck, Benjamin Paya, Michael Sauberer and audio: Peter Primer. ©TirolerFestspiele2019″

“The aim of placing the opera Aida in this „experimental arrangement“ seems to me to be essential due to the socio-political developments that are emerging today in the Western world. Broad layers of society are insecure due to complex developments such as globalization or political unrest – they long for a „strong state“, as the election results in many countries clearly show. This points to the relevance potential in this conception: It is an examination of power structures, it shows how they work and how they deform and shape the people who have to live in an authoritarian regime. We live in a time when religious rights are gaining more and more power. I also wonder what would happen if the women’s gains that women have made over the last years are simply reversed as access to contraception, the legalization of abortion, and increasing political influence of voters on politics. This approach I follow with the staging of Aida, a staging which is not just about women’s rights, it is also a work about the endangering of liberal values in the face of developments that threaten to destabilize the status quo that has been reached.” Daniela Kerck