Poetry Art Video

KEINE|ANGST vor der Angst – revisited
Short videos by Austrian authors until August 31, 2020

As a continuation of the exhibition KEINE|ANGST, the Literaturhaus Vienna has invited Austrian authors to deal with the exhibition topic in short video contributions against the background of the current crisis situation.
Until the end of June 2020, new video contributions will be added every week, which – like the exhibition – can then be seen until August 31, 2020.

Luma.Launisch Poetry Art Video for Dieter Sperl

Text / Voice: Dieter Sperl
Andreas Leikauf: bass, percussion, sound effects
Beat Spichtig: Piccolo trumpet, sound effects
Special Guest: Christopher James Chaplin with „Of this New World“ (Fabrique Records) * the sound collage fades into Christophers Song

„ABER DAS HERZ GEHT NOCH TAGELANG“ is a poem, a song, a rainy afternoon twenty years ago. A gloomy sleeper who has stayed in the digital universe! And now – through the visual expansion of Luma.Launisch and the wonderful music piece „Of this New World“ by the British composer Christopher James Chaplin – has come to new life.